Start shopping early
To get the most benefit from the Mirror Workshop, it is recommended that you make up your Christmas shopping list early (even if you are the Santa). Most of the items can be found right around the house. If not, they're readily available at stores like Home Depot. For the more mirror-specific items, there are several different options available to you. I've provided purchasing information with a list of suppliers to help you get what you need. And finally, though it's not required, I highly recommend reading some of the suggested textbooks to get ahead on some of the mirror making techniques and theory.

Items you should bring with you
Mirror Blank. Pyrex recommended. May be purchased from Willmann-Bell or Newport Glass. Please reference the mirror blank table for pricing information.
Tool Blanks. Glass or pyrex may be used. Glass is cheaper but softer by 1/3. A second pyrex blank can be used or a cement and tile tool can be made. The mirror tools table has pricing information.
Storage Container. Some sort of plastic container to store your mirror and/or tool will help prevent contamination between sessions.
Squeeze Bottles. These bottles are used to make abrasive/water slurry for fine grinding and cerium oxide slurry for polishing. Mustard and Ketchup picnic dispensers work OK. I like the 4oz. bottles from Edmond Scientific.
Atomizer Spray Bottle. A plant atomizer with adjustable spray works well. An old Windex bottle works well also.
Sheetrock pail and/or Washtub or some equivalent. Two would be nice. You will want to rinse your own work to prevent contamination.
Shaker top container. This is used for sprinkling the coarse and early fine abrasives. It should have a closeable cover. The one shown here is an old parsley flakes container. Works great.
Abrasives. These may be purchased from Willmann-Bell, Newport Glass, or Salem Distributing. Need 60, 120, 320, 500, 12M, 5M, and 3M. I can supply free 500g on down. Please see the table of abrasives for pricing information.
Pitch. May be purchased from Willmann-Bell, Newport Glass, or Salem Distributing. There are options here: Burgandy or tree pitch. Shown is tree pitch. Please see the table for pricing information.
Cerium Oxide. May be purchased from Willmann-Bell, Newport Glass, or Salem Distributing in powder form or from Universal Photonics in pre-made slurry form. I can supply this for a while.
Mirror Kits. Complete mirror making kits may be purchased from Newport Glass or Willmann-Bell. A bit more expensive but the mirror blank, tool, abrasives, pitch, and cerium oxide are packaged. Please see the table of mirror kits for pricing information.

Also, don't forget to bring
 •    Yogurt or cake frosting containers or equivalent. For holding your abrasive dry and safe. You'll need ~8.
 •    Dish towels. Terry will work for rough drying. "Flour sack" towels dry more completely.
 •    Box to hold all your stuff between sessions. Keep as small as possible to help me out.
 •    Coffee cans for melting pitch.